Return to Play guidance: Step 1

As people will be aware guidance has now been received under Step One to get us all back on the green playing. A short synopsis of this is set out below;

Organised sport under the jurisdiction of Bowls England by Affiliated Clubs, Counties and Associate Members can now take place under the following formats on a 6-rink green.

Playing Formats

Singles – Can use every rink with a marker
Pairs – Can use every rink
Triples – Can play on alternate rinks (i.e. 1, 3, 5 or 2, 4, 6)
Fours – Can play on alternate rinks (i.e. 1, 3, 5 or 2, 4, 6)

However, the maximum number on a six-rink outdoor green at any one time cannot exceed 24.

As we can make 7 rinks on our green, we will be permitted to have 4 Triples as the permitted numbers allowed for 7 rinks is 28 (average of 4 people per rink). However, this will not allow a further rink of Fours as the number of 32 players would exceed the number of 28.


The maximum number allowed on site is 30 and therefore in order to manage the numbers only people who are participating can be present which means that currently no spectators are allowed.


It is advised that people do not share equipment, but the following items can be utilised during any session.

  • Mat
  • Bowls
  • Jack
  • Rink Markers
  • Gloves
  • Scorecards (retained by one person within each team)
  • Bowling Arm/Lifter (for use by only one person)
  • Bowling Aids (for players with a disability)

The club therefore proposes that, as equipment cannot be shared:

  • Home team – the Lead will use our new Black/White mats
  • Away team – the Lead will use the Red mats
  • Home team – the Lead to use Yellow Jack
  • Away team – the Lead to use White Jack.

The following items are deemed optional, and it is up to the individual clubs to permit there use on the green. As a club we have decided to allow this if people wish, however, we ask that at the end of the game these are sanitised before storing them in the shed.

  • Scoreboards
  • Bowl pushers
  • Ditch markers
  • 2m sticks
  • Chalk (Spray Chalk only)

Booking System

As with last season there will be a booking system with me (Steve Kilford) for rinks. I can be contacted by email or phone on 01438 354758 or 07969 630310

I must emphasise that roll ups are not classed as an organised sport and therefore the “Rule of Six” or “Two Households” apply when arranging this.

Face Coverings

You’re not required to wear face coverings while taking part in the sport of outdoor bowls. Sport England advises that all forms of face coverings may restrict breathing efficiency and should not be used during exercise unless your doctor advises it.

Toilets/Changing Rooms

Access to the toilets and Changing Rooms is permissible, but please abide by the directional signs and 2 metre Social Distancing. Use of the other club facilities indoors are currently not allowed.

Track and Trace

In view of the Track and Trace system regulations we will need to keep a stricter record than last year. The club has therefore obtained a QR Code which people can scan on arrival (this will be placed on the wall immediately in front of you on entry). There will be a further one on entry into the Conservatory if you enter this way. If you do not have the NHS Covid – 19 App then please complete either of the visitors book which will be situated on the bookcase in the foyer and table in the Conservatory. With regard to visiting teams/players can the home team/opponent playing them please ensure they have scanned in or completed the visitors’ book on arrival. Records need to be kept for 14 days.


I appreciate that as from 12 April outdoor catering/hospitality is allowed and the club will be looking at ways it can allow club members to obtain drinks from the bar/kitchen without entering these facilities.


In respect of Sanitisers these will be available at the end of each rink as well as being situated in toilets, foyer and conservatory along with wipes and gloves.


At the end of each game, roll up etc.

The question of sanitising the equipment used is an important feature of being able to play and control transmission of the virus, so can you please ensure that you use the gloves to clean the following with the wipes and sanitisers available in the Conservatory before storing everything. Please do not leave this to one person of your team to do but help each other where you can.

  1. Jacks
  2. Mats
  3. Scoreboards
  4. Ditch Markers
  5. Pushers
  6. 2m Sticks