County Finalists 2021

Congratulations to the following who have made the County Finals Day on the 1 August at Bishop Stortford, you have all done the club proud and we wish you every success in your respective Final.


  • Junior Singles – Devon Cooper & Rachel Tremlett
  • Junior Pairs – Devon Cooper/Rachel Tremlett and Reba Powell-Birley
  • County 2 Wood Singles – Devon Cooper
  • County Pairs – Devon Cooper & Rachel Tremlett
  • County Triples – Jenny Thompson, Julie Homer & Jess Eley (The Three J’s)
  • County Fours – Devon Cooper, Hayley Robinson, Jess Eley & Rachel Tremlett


  • County Singles – Matt Coppen

I am sure you would agree this is a great achievement and I hope that as many of you as possible can come and support them on the day. I will let you have a copy of the programme schedule of the times these finals will be played once received.

Irrespective of the results on the 1 August the fact they have made the Final also means they will represent Hertfordshire in the National Finals at Leamington during the period 19 August to 5 September, the only exception being the Ladies Junior Pairs when only the Winner of the Final will go.

Added to this we also have 6 Ladies who make up a squad of 9 representing Hertfordshire in the Amy Rose (Under 31’s) in the Semi Final at Leamington on 5 September. These are Devon Cooper, Jess Eley, Reba Powell-Birley, Hayley Robinson, Leah Tremlett & Rachel Tremlett, what a wonderful achievement for them and a great advert for our club.